Our Story is HeRSTORY.

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - December 7, 2018 - Digit Murphy and Gordie Zimmermann, General Manager of AdventHealth Center Ice, shake hands on arrangement to house the first HERSTORY. Museum.

WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - December 7, 2018 - Digit Murphy and Gordie Zimmermann, General Manager of AdventHealth Center Ice, shake hands on arrangement to house the first HERSTORY. Museum.

The HeRSTORY Wall concept drew out of an initial RANT by Digit Murphy with friend and co-Founder Jeff Novotny. The two had been driving together in the car, talking about a dozen other things at the time..things Jeff playfully calls Digit’s loose change.

First - who are they? Jeff is a long time resident and business member of the Wesley Chapel, FL community. He was involved in supporting a new ice center in Wesley Chapel that opened in 2017. In addition, he is a staunch advocate of women’s sports and whose youngest daughter, Madison, plays girls hockey. They first met years ago at a hockey clinic that Madison attended…hosted by Digit. Digit a fiery coach and tireless advocate of women and women’s sports emoted that there was a lack of history of females in all disciplines especially in her life long focus: womens’ athletics.

In late 2018, Digit visited the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH and the new building being built for the brand new Football Hall. She was frustrated by the fact that $100s of millions were spent on one museum for one men’s sport. And all of women’s sports have little visibility next to nothing - women are simply an add on to a men’s museum, if at all.

Jeff, ever the problem solver (the managing partner of an engineering firm and father to three successful daughters - Meghan, Morgan and Madison) came up with the idea of a virtual museum not only to promote women’s sports but also as an opportunity for him and his wife Amanda to sponsor the local community ice center. He explained to Digit that her legacy is to tell her story and to serve as a vehicle to connect countless other women she has reached that each have their own stories to be told so they can be appreciated by the next generation…

History told through HeRSTORIES…

The HeRSTORY Walls were born! This virtual museum represents how people come together to solve problems, raise awareness and be examples to all! The grand opening taking place on March 9, 2019 - during Women’s History Month - a fitting connection to all of the HeRstories. Visit our pages and come see the museum in person. Gain a better appreciation for the path that these proven winners have created.


Jeff Novotny and Digit Murphy are the force behind the HeRstory “Wall”. Their crazy ideas came to life with the expertise of their logo, web, video and graphic team. That group included Murphy McCann and Arty Goldstein from Animus Studios, and graphic designers Sarah Mendez, Beth Daigle and Dave Ruth. Andrew Silberstein guided our web element, Hunter Tura sketched our the logo, and Jim Charos with his crew at Signarama helped bring the stories to life at our real museum location. A special thanks goes out to AdventHealth Center Ice - Gordie Zimmermann and George Mitchell for letting us sponsor your north viewing room and to their staff including Iggy and Jeff’s daughter Morgan for helping with all of the last minute requests! This museum concept was first mentioned publicly by Digit at a December 2018 meeting of the Women of Wesley Chapel, a subset of the North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce. After that meeting, it was “all systems'“ go on the launch. Thanks to that amazing group of ladies and Chamber President/CEO Hope Allen for their interest and support. Thanks to our families for giving us the inspiration and time away from them to work on this endeavor - especially Amanda and Aronda for putting up with our countless hours on the phone, sending texts and emails, and dealing with us running around together in Wesley Chapel and Providence over the last few months. Thank you to Sara, Katey, Amanda, and Katie for your inaugural “MYstories” and to all future stories that will be captured on our pages, walls and hearts.

-Digit and Jeff